InnerSpace Launches System 100 RFID-Enabled Clinical Supply Management Solution


May 16, 2008

InnerSpace launched its System 100, which uses embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and biometric security access to track and account for high-cost clinical supplies in real time.

System 100’s RFID technology automatically tracks items without the need for manual processes. By combining security and automated tracking, InnerSpace said it can assist hospitals in maximizing charge capture by insuring user compliance and accountability. System 100 is capable of interfacing with hospitals’ business systems to provide additional savings by streamlining processes and reducing errors.

System 100 consists of a secure cart with embedded RFID technology and spaceTRAX, a Web-based information and reporting engine. All the items placed in the cart have RFID tags placed on them so the computer can automatically track the inventory. System 100 constantly tracks and monitors cart access, supply movement and, the cart’s operating system and mechanical components. Inventory levels are automatically adjusted as supplies are removed from or added to the cart.

On average, 65 percent of an acute care hospital’s supply costs are concentrated within three departments - cardiology, radiology and surgery. Five percent of the items in these departments account for 50 percent of the total supply costs and 85 percent of the total chargeable value of the supplies, InnerSpace said.

May 2008