Integrated Innova IVUS Reduces Procedure Time up to 40 Percent


October 23, 2007

October 22, 2007 – A time-motion study conducted at Providence Heart Institute in Columbia, SC, spanning approximately 50 interventional coronary cases, found the Innova IVUS cuts procedure time by up to 40 percent, said GE Healthcare at TCT 2007.

The study compared total IVUS procedure time - including preparation, actual procedure, measurement and case closure - on GE Healthcare’s Innova 2100IQ with Innova IVUS to that performed on another GE Healthcare Innova using Volcano’s S5 standalone IVUS system. The average time saved using the integrated Innova IVUS over 50 cases was 2.5 minutes from an average total procedure time of 6 minutes.

“The time savings is truly significant, particularly when a patient is on the table undergoing an invasive procedure such as stent placement,” said Michael Foster, M.D. The study focused on cases performed by Providence Heart interventional cardiologists Dr. Foster and Dr. Patrick Hall. The two doctors found the time savings due to Innova IVUS came both from a reduced preparation time and reduced procedure time.

Integrated Innova IVUS combines GE’s Innova all-digital X-ray cath lab imaging system with Volcano’s s5i IVUS imaging system. Innova IVUS further optimizes clinical workflow beyond the benefits of s5i by offering IVUS controls positioned on the Innova Central tableside touch screen. IVUS is always on and always ready for a physician to use, when appropriate, at any point in a case. In addition, Innova IVUS allows for the seamless and automatic data exchange between the IVUS system and Innova allowing for simplified patient data transfer and advanced archiving, integrating the IVUS case into the patient’s cath case.

GE Healthcare is including IVUS cabling in all new Innova lab installations. Since the infrastructure is installed during the lab’s build-out, full integration of IVUS into the interventional lab is possible, should a customer choose to purchase the Innova IVUS system from GE Healthcare.

Innova IVUS is based on Volcano’s new s5i PC-based platform that reduces the size, weight and noise of the older-generation IVUS consoles. This allows the unit’s placement in the control room, outside of the daily traffic pattern of the cath lab. With the integration that Innova IVUS offers, clinicians have the ability to further control the IVUS system through a variety of control devices located near the patient, from the control room, or both. Clinicians also enjoy the flexibility to view IVUS images on the monitor bank and/or on a monitor in the control room.

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