Invatec Launches the Maris Plus Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent


September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009 – Invatec this week at the European CIRSE 2009 conference launched its latest self-expanding peripheral stent system, Maris Plus, which has a “lesion-specific” design with larger sizes to meet the clinical requirements of the iliac region.

The Maris Plus becomes the sixth stent platform now marketed by Invatec for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), greatly optimizing visibility, flexibility and ease of use for the physician.

The Maris Plus is available in a 30–100 mm length with 9–12 mm diameter, meeting the variable needs of the iliac region. The distinct stent geometry allows for increased stability in the hip, yet it remains the most flexible stent on the market, the company said. Additionally, larger and fully integrated tantalum markers greatly enhance visibility for the physician.

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