Inventory Control System Provides Specialized, Secured Storage


May 24, 2006

A new automated system that electronically secures, tracks and distributes scrubs, the garments worn by healthcare professionals, was introduced by Cardinal Health Inc.

Each year, the average healthcare facility spends up to $100,000 replacing lost scrubs. Pyxis ScrubStation products enable hopitals to improve workflow efficiency and inventory control, reduce costs associated with scrub management and help ensure that the product is always available to authorized users.

The new version of the system offers mobile alert capabilities to enable time-sensitive response by hospital support personnel. Issues such as stock outs and return stations reaching full capacity will trigger an automated alert via e-mail, various paging systems or other mobile devices. Support personnel can then attend to the situation in a timely manner.

To help control access, the Pyxis Scrubstation system offers the Pyxis BioID fingerprint identification system. This feature varifies a user's identity with a fingerprint scan before granting access to the unit.

Another enhancement is the ability to connect units in close proximity, keeping user credits synchronized, regardless of the hospital's local area network status.

May 2006