Inventory Management System Provides Specialized, Secured Storage


June 29, 2006

Specifically designed for the unique needs of cardiac catheterization and radiology departments, the Pyxis CathRack automated inventory management system provides healthcare organizations with a specialized and secured storage system for real-time cost containment and inventory control. An integral part of the supply automation product suite from Cardinal Health, this electronic point-of-use supply management cabinet automates the distribution and control of catheters, stents, balloons and other commonly used supplies in these areas.

The CathRack system enables staff to quickly locate the exact catheter or product needed, facilitating simple removal, replacement and tracking of medical supplies and high-cost items. Patient and procedure data is created at the point of use and electronically stored in the product database for future use. Advanced reporting capabilities offer complete information regarding patients, physicians, procedures, billing, supply usage trends, par levels and replenishment. With the Pyxis CathRack system, healthcare providers can gain control of supply expenses through security and accountability while protecting their patients and staff.