Kardia Health Launches Web-Based EIMS


June 18, 2007

June 18, 2007 - Kardia Health Systems launched Echocardiography Information Management System (EIMS), a web-based workflow-management software for echocardiography labs, at the ASE Scientific Sessions in Seattle June 17.

Designed by James Seward, M.D, and his team at the Mayo Clinic, the solution is intended to help echo professionals manage everything from patient scheduling and tracking through diagnosis and coding to physician sign-off and billing. Plus, the automated reporting tools reportedly assists in facilitating ICAEL accreditation.

EIMS provides scalable scheduling for ease of patient entry into the health care system; enables intuitive navigation through the exam process; utilizes cascading programming to tailor each exam based upon the referral diagnosis; provides normal ranges for data entry; automates impression generation based upon numerical data entry; serves as a statistical patient study and lab analysis tool for extensive research applications and providing generating lab accreditation/management reports; automates coding and billing through suggested selections; and enables ICAEL accreditation and is HIPAA-compliant.

The EIMS web-based technology system is scalable to meet the needs of small volume clinics as well as large-scale healthcare institutions.

For more information: www.mayo.edu