LifeScan Releases New Products To Aid Tight Glycemic Control


March 17, 2008

LifeScan Inc. launched two new products to help hospitals improve execution of tight glycemic control protocols - the OneTouch TGC Advisor and OneTouch DataLink Wireless V2.

OneTouch TGC Advisor provides key information for monitoring and managing an institution�s tight glycemic control program. The advisor features the TGC Protocol Compliance Report and TGC Patient Outcomes Report. The company says this allows the OneTouch TGC Advisor to track glucose results by location and by patient, highlight glucose distribution by location, measure protocol efficiency, and maintain a daily running mean of patient outcomes.

Tight glycemic control implementation requires increased monitoring and testing of blood glucose results, which can increase data exponentially. Manually entering that data takes time and is sometimes done at the end of the shift. The company says the new OneTouch DataLink Wireless V2 provides secure, fast, reliable data transfer from the OneTouch Flexx Meter to the laboratory information system and hospital information system, thereby eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The OneTouch DataLink Wireless V2 uses the same platform as V1, but features an EEE 802.11g/b radio that expands options for network communications with different rates for data transfer. It also has enhanced security with WEP encryption using 64 or 128 bit and WPA2 Personal, 802.11i PSK, has a new power supply connector that ensures staff uses the appropriate power supply, and has redesigned power supply circuitry to optimize battery life.

March 2008