LifeWatch, Perminova Announce Device Integration for Cardiac Procedures


May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012 - LifeWatch, a cardiac monitoring service provider, has launched a strategic alliance with Perminova, a developer of Web-based information systems for cardiology centers, to expand interoperability between medical monitoring devices and information technology in cardiac electrophysiology (EP).

Under the arrangement, Perminova EP, the information system designed for electrophysiology, will integrate reports from LifeWatch’s cardiac monitoring and telemetry products directly into Perminova’s cloud-based system. This will provide physicians, nurses, technologists and other staff with a single source for patient information. Future development will also allow clinicians to order LifeWatch cardiac monitoring studies directly from Perminova systems.

The integration process begins with data uploading from a patient prescribed with one of LifeWatch’s suite of advanced ambulatory cardiac telemetry and standard cardiac event monitors to the LifeWatch data center. The LifeWatch data center then pushes the data to Perminova’s database to be matched with patients’ individual files. From there, the data is used by EP lab clinicians and becomes part of the health system’s electronic medical record. This entire process is electronic, greatly reducing the risk of human error.

“The strategic relationship between Perminova and LifeWatch creates important benefits for patients and healthcare systems,” said Craig K. Collins, president and CEO of Perminova. “On a daily basis, it will streamline workflow and improve patient safety in cardiac procedures. In a larger sense, medical device integration between Perminova and LifeWatch creates true interoperability, one of the primary objectives in the advancement of health information technology today.”

Said Dr. Yacov Geva, chairman and CEO of LifeWatch AG: “Integration between medical devices and information systems is a critical next step in utilizing technology to improve patient health and safety. Medical device integration may also help relieve doctors, nurses and technologists of the burden of creating hard copy documentation, allowing them to spend more time on direct patient care.”

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