Lumedx and Scientific Software Solutions Announce Partnership to Create New Congenital Cardiac IS


June 5, 2014

June 5, 2014 — Lumedx Corp. and Scientific Software Solutions Inc. (SSS), maker of PedCath congenital catheterization reporting software, announced they are partnering to create an innovative solution for congenital cardiac data and image management.

The partnership brings together SSS’ expertise in pediatric cath software and Lumedx’s suite of cardiology data analytics, integration and registry tools, and clinical workflow applications to form a comprehensive congenital cardiac information system (3CIS). 3CIS will be the first of its kind to serve congenital cardiologists and surgeons, delivering fully integrated congenital cardiac patient records and advanced analytics.

“Collaborating with Scientific Software Solutions enables us to draw on both companies’ strengths to deliver a solution that provides unparalleled efficiency and value,” said Praveen Lobo, Lumedx vice president of strategic products. “Today there is no integrated solution for comprehensive congenital cardiac information management. Patient data is silo’d in disparate systems. Physicians have to log into multiple workstations to access patient history, review procedural data, annotate images and Mullins diagrams, and complete reports. Our partnership with SSS will allow us to offer an integrated solution with complete, up-to-date patient records, all with a single sign-on.”

“For the last 27 years, we have focused PedCath development efforts on the unique requirements of congenital cath docs,” said Jack Wilson, CEO of Scientific Software Solutions. “There remained a great unmet need for a comprehensive congenital cardiac information system. Partnering with Lumedx means that we will be able leverage Lumedx HealthView technology to avoid duplicate data entry while improving accuracy. 3CIS will make it possible to easily access longitudinal congenital cardiac patient records — the cath report, NCDR and STS registry data, echo reports, labs, more — so that clinicians can make fully informed treatment decisions more quickly. Participation in registries will be seamless.”

PedCath is the most widely used software for storing and reporting congenital and structural cardiac cath information. It combines the features of a patient database with customized drawing routines to provide a complete solution for recording pediatric catheterizations. Lumedx will integrate PedCath with the full suite of HealthView CVIS (cardiovascular information system) tools and services, making detailed patient information available to physicians from within HealthView applications.

The Lumedx-PedCath 3CIS will:

  • Offer fully integrated patient information — data, images, study context, labs, meds — with a single sign-on for longitudinal pediatric cardiology patient records;
  • Enable meaningful pediatric analytics and research initiatives by capturing discrete data;
  • Embed PedCath modifiable Mullins Diagram into Lumedx structured reports;
  • Support seamless enterprise-EHR (electronic health record) integration with ADT and Results Reporting interfaces;
  • Make patient images immediately available in reports for comparison and review;
  • Support ACC NCDR IMPACT registry and STS reporting; and
  • Improve operational efficiency and enhance data integrity.

This partnership will also enable Lumedx and SSS to provide seamless support and services to their clients at hospitals around the globe. “We at Lumedx have been expanding our pediatric cardiology offerings for several years, especially in the noninvasive space. PedCath complements our current offerings and is the preferred solution for many of our customers with congenital cath labs,” said Lobo.

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