MAQUET's HEARTSTRING III Seals the Deal for CABG Surgery


April 14, 2008

MAQUET Cardiovascular offers the HEARTSTRING III Proximal Seal System for coronary artery bypass surgery procedures, a proximal seal technology that allows surgeons to perform coronary artery bypass grafts without the use of a partial occlusion clamp during beating heart surgery.

The HEARTSTRING III system is designed to eliminate the need for an aortic clamp, reducing the risk for cerebral emboli and potentially improving patient neurocognitive outcomes.

It features a reportedly improved seal loader and delivery device for fast, easy placement. Once deployed, it maintains a low compliant profile for optimal hemostasis at the anastomotic site. The HEARTSTRING III system is said to enable surgeons to use their own hand-suturing technique for creating a proximal anastomosis with either venous or arterial grafts. The design and small operational footprint is supposed to eliminate foreign material from being left inside the vessel after completion of the anastomosis.

The Aortic Cutter should make a single, clean hole in the aorta for graft placement. Surgeons have the option to perform distal or proximal grafts first and to use grafts of varying lengths, hooded grafts, and angled take-offs.