Medrad Introduces New Extravasation Detector Technology


July 11, 2007

Medrad Inc. introduced the XDS, a new extravasation detector technology for the Stellant CT Injection System that, for the first time, directly senses extravasation pooling under the skin during a Computed Tomography (CT) procedure, this week at the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

The Medrad XDS extravasation detector is a patented product designed to prevent moderate to severe contrast extravasations that may seriously injure patients.

The XDS Extravasation Detector is an accessory that integrates with the Stellant CT Injection System. The system detects mild extravasations and is designed to prevent them from becoming moderate or severe. Using radio frequency (RF) wave technology and a physical property called permittivity, XDS can detect the start of an extravasation under the patient's skin and signal the Stellant to stop injecting until a clinician can examine the patient.

Medrad received 510(k) FDA clearance to market the XDS in March 2007. Six installations are currently operating in four clinical sites. MedRad will begin full-scale XDS production in the fourth quarter of 2007.