Medtronic Launches Endeavor Sprint DES on Rapid Exchange System


November 13, 2008

November 13, 2008 - Medtronic Inc. today started its U.S. market launch of the Endeavor Sprint drug-eluting stent (DES) on a rapid exchange (RX) delivery system.

Using the Sprinter balloon catheter technology, the Endeavor Sprint system puts the Endeavor DES on an enhanced delivery platform, making Medtronic’s flagship DES easier for physicians to deliver to the site of coronary blockages. The Endeavor Sprint system incorporates a new tip design for a low profile, a new balloon material and an enhanced shaft design which together greatly improve the device’s deliverability.

“The Endeavor Sprint system takes deliverability to a new level,” said Professor Ian Meredith of Monash Medical Centre in Australia. “It features a balloon catheter designed specifically for the stent it delivers. Combining it with RX, the Endeavor Sprint system further enhances the deliverability of the Endeavor DES, which already had high marks on this aspect of procedural success - even in challenging lesions.”

“Deliverability is important,” said Jeffrey Popma, M.D., of Caritas Christi Health Care System in Boston, “But the Endeavor stent also offers the assurance of long-term safety and durable efficacy. It’s the combination of all three attributes that will make the Endeavor Sprint DES system such a welcome addition for physicians to use in treating patients with coronary artery disease.”

The ENDEAVOR clinical program has demonstrated the Endeavor stent is associated with low rates of stent thrombosis, myocardial infarction and cardiac death, as well as low and comparable rates of clinically-driven target lesion revascularization, out to as long as five years of patient follow-up. Representing various world geographies and patient subsets, the program has enrolled more than 10,000 subjects to date and will ultimately enroll more than 20,000 subjects in a combination of randomized controlled and single-arm clinical trials.

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