MGuard Coronary Stent in Humans Showing Positive Early Results


May 22, 2007

May 23, 2007 — InspireMD has announced this week the enrollment of 19 patients in its First in Man study in a multicenter registry of percutaneous coronary intervention performed with the MGuard coronary stent at the Heart Center in Siegburg, Germany.

MGuard Coronary Stent is designed to provide embolic shower protection during and post procedure. It is under investigation to treat patients with coronary and SVG disease.

Interim results have shown a procedural success rate of 100 percent and no report of any major adverse cardiac events. To date, the First in Man MGuard Coronary Trial has shown safety in human coronary and vein graft indications.

"Our cardiologists reported that the stent was easily and seamlessly deployed and performed very well without complications," said Prof. Eberhard Grube, chief of the Department of Cardiology/Angiology at the Heart Center in Siegburg, Germany. “The patients are feeling well and we are confident that they will continue to do well."

Prof. Grube is one of the world's leading interventional cardiologists and is heading the trial: "The deliverability and procedure with the MGuard stent is identical to any conventional stent,” he said. “Based on the animal study and the interim results in patients, we are confident that the stent is safe and effective."

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