Micell Technologies Adds to Stent Coating Patent Portfolio

Newly issued U.S. patent covers medical device coating process and compositions


July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014 — Micell Technologies Inc. announced the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a patent related to Micell's technology for enhancing the performance of medical devices with precise drug-delivery coatings. These technologies currently are used in producing the company's drug-eluting stent system, MiStent SES. The technology has broad applications for coating substrates with one or more crystalline drugs, including the company's development pipeline of fully absorbable stents and drug-coated balloons.

James B. McClain, Ph.D., senior vice president, co-founder of Micell and co-inventor of the technology, said, "Micell is pursuing a product portfolio based on the concept that there is great potential therapeutic benefit in coating biomedical implants with rapidly bioabsorbable formulations while maintaining controlled drug delivery profiles extending beyond polymer presence. Our technologies are designed to confer an advantage to our products by optimizing the duration of drug delivery and minimizing the duration of polymer exposure. Among the many novel claims we believe our technology supports, this patent is one of the most far-reaching and meaningful. With this patent and previously filed and issued core technology patents, we continue to expand our robust international intellectual property portfolio."

The patent, "Polymer Coatings Containing Drug Powder of Controlled Morphology," U.S. patent number 8,758,429, covers a coated implantable medical device including a substrate and a polymer-drug coating with the drug in a highly differentiated crystalline form.  These patent rights are assigned and wholly owned by Micell.

The MiStent sirolimus-eluting absorbable polymer coronary stent system (MiStent SES) is designed to optimize healing in patients with coronary artery disease. The rapidly absorbable coating of the MiStent SES is intended to precisely and consistently control drug elution and limit polymer exposure duration, thereby reducing the safety risks associated with current commercially available drug-eluting stent technologies.

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