Military Awards Advanced Life Support Monitor/Defibrillator Contract


December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009 – The Department of Defense (DoD) awarded a contract to Philips Healthcare for its HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator, which has the potential of generating more than $29 million for the company.

The agreement establishes a long-term program between the DoD and Philips to provide sustainment material to meet the military services’ requirements in times of contingency operations. This contract may also include providing logistical support to humanitarian, emergency and urgent relief efforts performed under the authority of the military.

The HeartStart MRx is a portable, rugged advanced monitor/defibrillator that meets military airworthiness standards for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. To achieve military airworthiness, the MRx went through a battery of testing, including electromagnetic interference and compatibility, environmental, vibration and in-flight and human factors testing.

The HeartStart MRx includes Philips’ SMART Biphasic therapy, which the company says provides several best-in-class advantages, including excellent battery-powered operating time, fast time to shock and a large color display.

The HeartStart MRx provides a wide range of monitoring capabilities and is compatible with Philips IntelliVue monitoring systems within hospitals. Key monitoring parameters of the HeartStart MRx include arrhythmia detection for 10 rhythm disturbances and irregularities, continuous temperature monitoring (core and skin) for post-resuscitation hypothermia protocols, vital signs trending, and audio recording.

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