Mortara Introduces Wireless ECG Technology Platform


April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 - Mortara Instrument unveiled its new go wireless technology platform with the introduction of its Wireless Acquisition Module (WAM) for resting ECG and the T12 transmitter for wireless stress exercise testing.

The go wireless platform is comprised of proprietary Mortara technology that is specifically designed to offer an equivalent or lower cost alternative to wired designs in ECG applications. The go wireless technology is optimized for diagnostic ECG acquisition with simple configuration, long battery life, and robust transmission protocols to be integrated into a wide array of ECG acquisition products.

The wireless acquisition module (WAM) is the first go wireless product for resting ECG acquisition to be introduced. The WAM is a high-fidelity diagnostic ECG acquisition module with integrated go wireless capabilities enabling transmission to Mortara ELITM electrocardiographs. At the touch of a button an ECG can be acquired or rhythm strip initiated. The wireless capability eliminates the traditional expensive and bulky ECG cable and allows caregivers greater freedom of movement while acquiring electrocardiograms.

Built upon the go wireless technology, the WAM is targeted to simply replace traditional patient cable designs. The company said the wireless technology offers a cost-effective improvement over traditional patient cables and offers patients freedom of movement to help ease ECG acquisition and improve workflow.

In addition to the WAM, Mortara Instrument also introduced its T12 transmitter for wireless stress exercise testing. The T12 transmitter, in conjunction with the X-Scribe Stress Exercise System, enables stress test procedures to be performed without the traditional bulky patient cable tethering the patient to the exercise system. Built upon the same go wireless technology platform, it is likewise designed to meet the price of traditional, wired solutions.

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