Mortara Shows New Hand-Held Electrocardiograph


November 6, 2007

November 6, 2007 - Mortara Instrument Inc. showcased its recently FDA cleared ELI 10 Electrocardiograph Device, a hand-held 12-lead resting interpretive electrocardiograph, at the American Heart Association meeting.

The ELI 10 is a multi-channel, portable electrocardiograph utilizing a 4-inch graphic LCD. The ELI 1 0 simultaneously acquires data from all 12 leads. Once the data is acquired, it can be reviewed, and stored and printed (using an external, optional printer). The electrocardiogram (EGG) produces a graphic description of the electrical activity of the heart. This activity is recorded from the body surface by a group of electrodes positioned at predefined places to reflect the activity from different perspectives.

The cardiac data acquired and provided by the ELI 10 is used by a physician to assist in the diagnosis of symptomatic patients with various rhythm patterns.

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