New Additions to Evolving Raw Data Ultrasound Platform


June 29, 2006

The Vivid 7 Dimension ‘06 is designed to help clinicians assess cardiovascular anatomy and LV function with greater accuracy, making 4-D cardiovascular imaging easier to use during day-to-day clinical exams. 

The system is a PC based software, raw data ultrasound platform that evolves each year. The latest version includes multidimensional imaging formats, real-time, ungated, un-spliced 4-D imaging and real-time 4-D full volume imaging, which helps clinicians take 4-D imaging out of the research lab and into their everyday clinical routine. 

The breakthroughs also continue to lead the way with more quantitative tools for left ventricular wall motion and synchronicity. As a result, clinicians can acquire more accurate and detailed cardiovascular information in fewer, faster steps, streamlining their day-to-day workflow and allowing for better patient care.