New Angiography Technology Reduces Patient Exposure


December 11, 2009

December 11, 2009 – At this year’s Radiology Society of America (RSNA) annual meeting last week, GE Healthcare, presented the new Innova dose-efficient X-ray technology to reduce patient radiation exposure.

Powered by the GE AutoEx control system, which automatically and continuously adapts to help keep image quality and patient dose at optimum levels, the technology can reduce patient dose by as much as 40 percent without compromising image quality.

GE Healthcare offers the capability to potentially reduce dose by managing, customizing and personalizing radiation dose for each individual patient and procedure. The AutoEx system is available on Innova 2100IQ, 3100 IQ, 4100IQ, 2121IQ and 3131IQ X-ray systems.

Based on evidence supporting the potential for these products to improve the quality of patient care, the Innova family of products has been validated for increasing safety and efficiency by external, independent experts from Oxford Analytica.

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