New Bioabsorbable Stent Gets $7.8 Million Toward CE


November 13, 2007

November 13, 2007 — Arterial Remodeling Technologies (ART) will receive $7.8 million from investors to pursue CE Mark clearance for a bioresorbable stent that reportedly dismantles in vivo over a specific time horizon.

The stents are designed to be both hemocompatible and biocompatible, to reduce thrombus or inflammation, while disappearing over time.

“Given the explosive growth and fast adoption rates exhibited by the coated stent market, now in disarray, the bioresorbable coronary stent market presents a compelling opportunity to participate in a potentially disruptive, market-changing technology,” said Christophe Douat, a partner with Matignon Technologies and ART board member. “ART’s bioresorbable stents, in particular, represent a whole new concept for stenting and could revolutionize coronary angioplasty in the future,” added Béatrice Llirbat, partner at SGAM Alternative Investments Private Equity.

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