New Cardiology Software Records Heart Transplants


August 28, 2007

August 28, 2007 - LUMEDX Corp., a provider of integrated cardiovascular information systems, introduced cardiology software that automates donor/recipient record keeping for heart transplant centers, designed to help streamline and simplify the process of collecting and managing adult cardiac transplant patient data from first consultation through evaluation, activation, transplant and post-transplant follow-up visits.

The Cardiac Transplant solution is an integrated part of LUMEDX’s comprehensive suite of cardiovascular imaging and information management tools. This robust integration produces a comprehensive patient record as heart center staff can reportedly access, view and manage all events that have occurred across the cardiovascular service line.

The Cardiac Transplant Module also allows the heart transplant center to track all donation offers and actual donor information for each patient, enabling the center to meet government record-keeping requirements. physicians and staff

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