New Coronary Stent Gets CE Mark as Bare Metal Stent


March 25, 2008

March 25, 2008 - Medlogics Device Corp.s’ COBRA Coronary Stent System, a new thin, bare metal stent (BMS), received the CE Mark based on the chronic preclinical implants performed at Saint Joseph’s Translational Research Institute (SJTRI), which demonstrated the safety and efficacy of the stent.

The COBRA Coronary Stent System combines cobalt super alloy for thinner struts without sacrificing radial strength. According to the manufacturer, published studies have demonstrated a direct correlation between strut thickness and restenosis rates, and the COBRA stent is approximately 15 percent thinner than other BMS coronary stents.

In addition to working their BMS program, SJTRI is conducting further research with Medlogics on their drug-eluting stent programs. Medlogics’s drug-coated stent has a silica-based coating that is gradually absorbed by the body after delivery of the drug, potentially reducing the risk of clotting and the burden of pharmacotherapy.

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