New Coronary Thrombectomy Catheter Removes Clots Fast


January 31, 2007

Jan. 31, 2007 — Possis Medical, Inc., a developer, manufacturer and distributor of endovascular medical devices, announced yesterday that it has FDA approval to being marketing AngioJet Spiroflex rapid exchange catheter to remove blood clots (thrombus) from coronary arteries.

The company’s most flexible and maneuverable rapid exchange catheter, Spiroflex is designed for thrombectomy in small vessels such as coronary arteries. Sharing the same technology, the AngioJet SpiroflexVG catheter is approved for use in larger peripheral vessels; FDA approval for use in saphenous vein bypass grafts in the heart and larger native coronary vessels is pending.

Possis says the Spiroflex catheter allows physicians to quickly and effectively remove coronary thrombus using a rapid exchange design platform, unique polymer-clad spiral-cut shaft technology, enhanced soft tip, and patented Cross-Stream technology.

Its performance benefits include increased trackability inside the vessel; improved crossing in difficult anatomy; as well as fast and effective 360-degree thrombus removal.

The Spiroflex catheter is now approved for sale in the U.S. and in overseas markets for both peripheral and coronary use.