New Technology Enables Remote Navigation of Diagnostic Devices


May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010 – A new feature of a magnetic navigation platform facilitates remote manipulation of diagnostic devices used during electrophysiology (EP) procedures. Stereotaxis Inc. is introducing the Vdrive this week at the Heart Rhythm Society annual meeting. The device enables the electrophysiologist to fully and remotely control diagnostic catheters and accessories.

In the future, the system might enable electrophysiologist specialists to perform procedures on patients remotely, hundreds of miles away.

During complex ablation procedures, electrophysiologists commonly use multiple advanced diagnostic catheters and positioning sheaths. Navigation of these devices is a significant component of EP workflow. Vdrive is designed to significantly improve the efficiency of remote procedures.

Vdrive will join QuickCAS, Stereotaxis' catheter advancement system, as the fundamental elements of Stereotaxis' disposable product portfolio. Vdrive uses mechanical and electronic controls for its remote operations and is expandable to work with major types of EP diagnostic catheters.

The Vdrive module will be installed near the patient table and disposable components will be needed for each procedure. The company said the new feature is still pending regulatory review.

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