New VitalView Vitals Management Software from SunTech Medical

VitalView supports EMR integration in line with IHE profiles


September 17, 2013
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SunTech Medical's VitalView Software

September 17, 2013 – The new VitalView software from SunTech Medical provides physicians with a data management tool to help efficiently diagnose and treat patients. The new software works with the company’s non-invasive spot check device to reduce the risk for errors in clinical workflows.

The VitalView software interfaces the SunTech 247 BP+Vitals instrument with a patient’s electronic medical record (EMR). VitalView enables wireless Bluetooth communication between the 247 and a networked PC. Clinicians can match vital signs measurements with specific patients and electronically record the data without having to write anything down or manually enter readings into a computer.

VitalView uses a simple, single window interface that quickly retrieves and records measurement data. The software also supports standardized device integration by using technical framework profiles from Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) for EMR connectivity, based on HL7 messaging. In addition, when connected to an EMR, VitalView is able to verify patient information by cross-checking data with the EMR automatically. This helps ensure the integrity of patient measurement data and further reduces the risk of error.

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