New York Presbyterian Rescues Hearts with New Devices


November 3, 2006

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital now offers a new alternative therapy for heart failure patients at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. Concerto and Virtuoso implantable defibrillators-pacemakers from Medtronic will help keep the beat for patients whose heart electrical impulses for controlling chamber contractions are impaired.

Concerto and Virtuoso have the ability to send data wirelessly to the physician's computer, allowing the physician to monitor our patients remotely, utilize wireless communication using a dedicated radio-frequency called MICS that is safe from cell-phone interference, and offer the ability to detect fluid buildup in the patient's lungs and chest—often the first sign of worsening heart failure.

The devices, each the size of a stopwatch, detect any abnormal heart rhythm such as ventricular tachycardia and automatically provide a shock to correct the problem. Additionally, the Concerto synchronizes the patient's heartbeat through a painless electric impulse to help the heart pump blood throughout the body more efficiently. The Virtuoso also provides limited pacing. Both devices are programmed to meet the individual needs of each patient.