Nihon Kohden Model 1550A/S ECG Comes with Stress Testing Software


February 10, 2009

Nihon Kohden’s Model 1550A/S Electrocardiograph offers the same features as its 1550 A ECG, but comes with stress testing software. All 12 leads are viewed simultaneously during stress testing with averaged dominant complexes displayed to the left of each lead for ease of ECG changes in morphology viewing as the stress test protocol advances stage by stage. Full disclosure ECG memory also comes standard with the 1550A/S, which prevents important ECG events being lost.

The stress system as priced does not include a treadmill (or cycle ergometer). The price of the optional TM-425 Trackmaster treadmill (with two-year warranty) is about $4,202 (as of 2009). The stress software will also accommodate a one-minute Adenosine pharmacologic stress protocol. The device comes with a four-year warranty.