Novarad’s NovaCardio ECG Provides Viewing, Storage, Reporting in Cardiac PACS


December 11, 2013
novacardio rsna 2013 cardiac pacs ecg management system novarad
December 11, 2013 — Novarad’s NovaCardio electrocardiogram (ECG) integrates with cardiology picture archiving and communication system (PACS)/cardiovascular information system (CVIS) to enable digital ECG reading, annotation, manipulation, storage and easy reporting. NovaCardio ECG was debuted at the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (RSNA 2013) in Chicago.
The software improves efficiencies with functionality including altering machine-generated diagnostic text as needed, automating movement to the next study and automating sign, save and distribute functions.
To improve reading, the software features multiple vertical and horizontal calipers and enables display by rhythm or single beat and comparison with prior studies. NovaCardio ECG also supports patient CD or hard copy paper printouts.
NovaCardio ECG supports all DICOM ECG outputs from 12- and 15-lead carts and bedside devices. For those not providing native DICOM, Novarad utilizes middleware to convert and import studies into NovaCardio.
Report-building tools speed and simplify report creation and turnaround, billing, lab inventory management, scheduling and accreditation assistance. They also provide administrator dashboards for real time evaluation of lab workflow.
This combined cardiology solution supports echocardiogram, vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine and cardiac catheterization modalities. NovaCardio is a single access point for cardiology and radiology studies from the same application and workstation. Complete interfaces to electronic medical and health records (EMRs and EHRs), hospital information systems (HIS), PACS and other HL7 and DICOM-compliant systems are provided. All Novarad applications leverage a single database.
NovaCardio ECG is the latest addition to Novarad’s Diagnostic Suite. The products in the suite are offered as modules enabling facilities to customize the right combination of integrated solutions for their needs. Products within the Diagnostic Suite include dose monitoring, mammography viewers, performance dashboards, mobile viewers and a vendor neutral archive (VNA).
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