PACS Includes Cardiac Review and Analysis


November 16, 2006

With several integrated cardiac features, CARESTREAM PACS includes cardiac review and analysis, cardiac cage removal in 3-D imaging and cardiac calcium scoring.

Cardiac review and analysis provides four-chamber and cross-sectional views of the heart axis and panoramic and cross-sectional views of cardiac vessels such as the left main artery, right coronary artery, left circumflex artery and posterior descending artery. The calcium scoring module analyzes calcified plaque in five main blood vessels of the heart, while the cage removal function removes anatomy around the heart not required for cardiac viewing.

All of these features are part of Kodak’s native, real-time 3-D capabilities that also include MIP (maximum intensity projection), MinIP (minimum intensity projection), MPR (multiplanar reconstruction), volume rendering, tissue definition and vessel tracking functionality.