Partnership Provides Ambulatory ECG Systems With Better Workflow


May 3, 2010
The IQflex ECG system.

May 3, 2010 – Two new ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) devices are being introduced this week to help speed diagnostics and workflow. Midmark Corp. and Mortara partnered to create the systems.

The IQflex is a compact resting ECG, available with a choice of wired or wireless acquisition modules (WAM). The wireless system promotes improved ergonomic workflow for clinicians and greater comfort for patients. Powered by alternative current (AC) or battery, the IQflex will perform up to 200 tests before requiring recharge. Its color display allows preview of up to 12-leads prior to printing. Multiple, full-size print configurations provide flexibility, allowing physicians to select a familiar format for review.

The IQclassic ECG is a full-featured ECG, which provides a large keyboard, internal storage for up to 60 ECG records, and a high-resolution display to preview of the 12-lead ECG. It is available with an optional serial port, internal modem, local area network (LAN) and wireless local area network (WLAN).

Both systems offer high fidelity signal acquisition and the benefits of Mortara’s age and gender-specific Veritas resting ECG interpretation algorithm. Midmark’s IQ Digital Diagnostics System, a combination of digital diagnostic devices and software solutions, allow easy capture, interpretation and retrieval of patient information that integrates with electronic medical records.

The systems will be available for shipment in May 2010.

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