Patent Issued for 12-Lead Transtelephonic ECG Transmission System


January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010 – The U.S. Patent Office this week issued a patent for the wireless transmission system used by the CardioBip remote monitor, which generates recordings equivalent in quality with standard 12-lead ECGs.

The CardioBip is a hand-held device that provides ECG telemonitoring. Patients can carry the CardioBip with them and use it to generate and transmit synthesized 12-lead ECGs at physician prescribed intervals of time, during ordinary daily activity or when symptoms develop. It works without cables, leads, wires or skin electrodes, as the device's electrodes are integrated, offering potential compatibility with popular hand-held PDA platforms.

The company said the technology fills a technological and diagnostic void, enabling not only rhythm diagnosis, but also detection of ischemic ECG changes and precise reconstruction of atrial activity. There is no convenient and reliable method for remote monitoring and detection of either ischemic events or derangements of atrial electrical activity, but this patent and the two recently completed validation studies indicate that the CardioBip may potentially fill this need.

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