Philips Installs 100th EP Cockpit at Indiana Hospital


July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011 — Memorial Hospital of South Bend, Ind., installed the 100th Philips interventional X-ray system with electrophysiology (EP) cockpit XL. The system includes an Allura Xper FD 10, EP cockpit workflow solution and EP navigator cardiac visualization tool.

When considering a new EP lab at Memorial Hospital, one concept was top of mind: bringing together information from multiple sources to help physicians deal with the challenges of information overload. The combination product features FlexVision, a 56-inch monitor capable of displaying up to eight different inputs at one time along with design choices to help create a fluid, intuitive and efficient working environment. With Philips, for example, a ceiling-mounted equipment rack provides a single location for third-party equipment like mapping, recording and a stimulator.

“EP labs are traditionally cluttered with lots of technology and lots of monitors,” said Raman Mitra, M.D., Ph.D., medical director, Leighton Heart and Vascular Center, Memorial Hospital. “The EP cockpit XL is streamlined and allows for fully customized viewing of all images on one large monitor in the exam room. The control room is also more streamlined with options such as keyboard and video switching.”

“While our cockpit marks a milestone for Philips’ success, it’s hitting high marks with Memorial Hospital by supporting our ability to provide excellent care to patients,” said Sean Halleran, M.D., medical director of electrophysiology lab, Memorial Hospital.

The package at Memorial Hospital also includes Philips’ EP navigator, which gives clinicians a comprehensive view of where they are in the heart, in real time. A 3-D volume can be overlaid directly on top of live fluoroscopy images and this enhanced display can be helpful in determining where a catheter or lead is positioned in relation to other anatomical structures during navigation.

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