Philips Offers New Stress Test System, CVIS


September 5, 2013
Stress Testing System
ST80i Stress Testing System

September 5, 2013 -- Philips showcased several new products at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) 2013, including a new stress test system and a new cardiac PACS solution.

For the first time shown in Europe are both the Philips IntelliSpace ECG and ST80i Stress Testing System. With the introduction of the IntelliSpace ECG — a multi-modality, multi-vendor and scalable ECG management system — patient data can be accessed from other points-of-care applications for review, comparison and printing. Holter and stress (e.g., ST80i) PDF reports as well as other modality reports can be verified, assigned, electronically signed, and easily exported to a customer's electronic medical records (EMR). The Philips ST80i Stress Testing System features a wireless patient experience, bi-directional connectivity and advanced decision support tools that enhance data review, patient care and workflow efficiency.

Xcelera R4.1 is the latest release of the Philips Xcelera multimodality cardiology solution provides patient-centric access to cardiology data and examinations for image management, analysis and reporting. With both 64-bit and 32-bit operating system compatibility, Xcelera helps institutions leverage IT investments across departments, guarantees business continuity and enhances data intensive processing. The update also includes a thin client version of the Cardiology Enterprise Viewer (Xcelera CEV R2.1), where access to images is as close as an internet connection, providing clinicians with the benefits of increased ease-of-use and lower implementation costs.

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