Portable Recording Device Assesses Cardio-Respiratory Sleep Disorders


August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009 – Royal Philips Electronics today announced the release of the Alice PDx Portable Sleep System, a diagnostic recording device with advanced features intended for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) diagnosis and follow-up, and the diagnostic assessment of cardio-respiratory sleep disorders.

The compact Alice PDx system satisfies the portable testing requirements for levels II, III and IV, and offers a variety of capabilities, from basic screening to more complex diagnostic evaluation. It can be used in a patient’s home, alternative care site or a sleep lab.

The device is convenient for patients who are uncomfortable with, or have limited access to, a lab facility as it enables patients to be tested outside of the lab without compromising study results. The good study indicator incorporated into the device helps clinicians determine the validity of the data that has been collected overnight. Remote testing and data verification both help clinicians avoid the costs associated with retesting.

Philips said the Alice PDx is user-friendly, easy for patients to set-up and accommodates side sleepers. The wires have been specifically designed to minimize excess length to make it easier for patients to manage them. Color-coded labels, located around the perimeter of the device, indicate which sensors to connect and where to connect the sensor leads. A step-by-step diagram walks the patient through the application process.

The Alice PDx interfaces with, and fully supports, certain therapy devices with serial or SmartCard connections. A secure digital card captures the data that can then be sent to the clinician via a Windows-compatible personal computer. The Alice PDx can also collect information from multi-night recordings. The Alice PDx can also be set to automatically start and stop recording.

For more information: www.philips.com/newscenter