Positron Announces PosiRx Program for a Total Solution in Cardiac Nuclear Medicine


January 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 - Cardiac nuclear medicine company Positron Corp. said today it will market its complete turnkey offering of radiopharmaceuticals, camera service and imaging under the name PosiRx.

Positron’s PosiRx will offer financing and partnership flexibility by providing imaging providers the choice of radiopharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceutical dispensing systems, molecular imaging devices, and equipment service directly from Positron. Customers can choose all services as a complete package or individual parts that suit their needs. Positron is able to offer innovative distribution and dose dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals directly to imaging providers as a result of their “virtual pharmacy” device named the Nuclear Pharm-Assist.

For more information: www.positron.com