PTS Introduces Connectivity Software for CardioChek PA


April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009 - Polymer Technology Systems Inc. (PTS) today introduced CardioChek Link software to interface the company’s cholesterol test system, CardioChek PA, with a Windows-based desktop computer.

With this new software solution, CardioChek PA point-of-care instrument users will be able to transmit cholesterol and other test results directly from the instrument to a personal computer.

The company said errors in healthcare are a major issue in terms of patient safety and quality assurance. Transcription errors are a primary source of the problem. In the past, healthcare testers and screeners had to transcribe results from the CardioChek PA point-of-care instrument to a paper system and/or a computer database system. The CardioChek Link is designed to help minimizing the potential of transcription errors.

The configuration of the software provides compatibility with both Windows XP and Vista. There is no corruption of data from interference from/with other devices, the company said. It includes the provider name/number, patient name/number, and all information currently printed by the CardioChek PA printer. It allows for the provider name/number to be saved for multiple patient entries. It also has USB plug and play capability and identifies when connected or disconnected.

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