Quantum Detector Delivers High-Speed, High-Res Multidetector Imaging


June 29, 2006

The Aquilion 64 CFX features advanced multidetector CT imaging technology and is currently being validated in the industry’s first international, multicenter trial, CorE 64.

Using Toshiba’s 64-row Quantum detector, the Aquilion 64 CFX is designed to deliver high-speed, high-resolution cardiovascular imaging with low noise and more anatomical coverage. The detector also enables the scanner to acquire 64 simultaneous slices of 0.5 mm with each 400-ms gantry revolution. The result is precise isotropic imaging of the heart or any region of the body during a breath hold under 10 seconds.

The Aquilion 64 CFX is ideal for assessing patients with atypical chest pain, equivocal nuclear and indeterminate stress studies and to visualize stent patency, bypass grafts and congenital defects in both trauma and clinical settings.

The company also offers educational programs ranging from basic to advanced levels of training.