Radi Focuses on HD Femoral Compression System


October 18, 2007

October 18, 2007 - At TCT 2007, Radi Medical Systems Inc. focuses on the Femostop HD Femoral Compression System, that with the addition of a hemostatic dressing, promotes dual-action hemostasis, reportedly reducing the need for stocking multiple hemostasis products.

The Femostop Plus Femoral Compression System has been on the market for over 10 years and has been used on over 5 million patients worldwide, according to manufacturer. Incorporating a hemostatic dressing with the Femostop Plus means that both deep and topical hemostasis can be achieved in one, easy to use, clinically validated and widely accepted product.

The hemostatic dressing and Femoral Compression System work together to promote dual-action hemostasis. The hemostatic dressing achieves topical hemostasis that facilitates clotting at the skin incision, while the Femostop provides external compression to facilitate clotting of the arterial puncture wound, thereby achieving deep hemostasis.

According to Radi Medical Systems Inc., recent clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of Femostop for 90 minute rapid ambulation. With the incorporation of the hemostatic dressing, safe and rapid hemostasis is now even more convenient for cath lab staff and comfortable for patients.

For more information: www.radi.se