Results from RF Ablation Catheters Study Promising


June 3, 2008

June 3, 2008 - Two patients with permanent atrial fibrillation and three with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation underwent successful pulmonary vein isolation without any reported complications, according to Stefania Riva, M.D., who presented preliminary results of a study on new RF ablation catheters at the 7th Annual Session of the Italian Association of Arrhythmology and Cardiac Pacing on April 3, 2008 in Milan, Italy.

The procedures were conducted using the PVAC Pulmonary Vein Ablation Catheter and multi-channel GENius Generator for Ablation Catheters supplied by Ablation Frontiers. The PVAC was used for both mapping and ablating during the procedures.

The procedure times averaged 32 minutes and after three months median follow-up (range: one to five months), four of five patients were in sinus rhythm.

"The use of a single mapping and ablation catheter has streamlined and simplified the procedure," stated Dr. Riva. "The lack of perioperative and postoperative complications is of key importance. As of this date, one patient in our study with paroxysmal AF has stopped taking all anti-arrhythmic medications. While our study is still underway, I find these interim results quite encouraging."

"We are very much encouraged by these interim results and sincerely thank Paolo Della Bella, M.D., chief of the Arrhythmology Department at the University of Milan's Institute of Cardiology. stated Keegan Harper, Chief Executive Officer of Ablation Frontiers.

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