Signalife’s Patient Monitoring System Wins Technology Award


March 17, 2008

March 13, 2008 - Signalife Inc. received the Frost and Sullivan 'Technology Innovation Award for North American Patient Monitoring' for its artifact reducing technology, marking the second time the company has received this award.

Frost and Sullivan gave Signalife the award for its Fidelity heart monitoring systems, which Frost and Sullivan said provides signal clarity in the wireless cardiac monitoring arena.

Frost & Sullivan said that Signalife has created a technology that significantly reduced artifact noise before the ECG signal is amplified, which eliminates the need to filter the signal after it has been amplified, preserving the entire ECG’s data. Signalife has applied this technology to cardiac monitors, including the Fidelity 100, a wireless, 12 lead ECG system.

Frost & Sullivan said Signalife’s two products at the end stage of development, including the Fidelity 200, is taking cardiac event monitoring to the over the counter, nonprescription market.

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