Small Cart Offering Features Expanded Color Options, Enhanced Accessories


May 16, 2008

InnerSpace added six preconfigured carts to the Harmony line including larger versions of its crash, anesthesia and isolation carts, a pediatric emergency cart, a suture cart and a line cart.

The popular “Build A Cart” option now includes eight colors of drawer fronts, white, red, blue, yellow, green, lavender, light blue and teal. New accessories include a tape dispenser (counter top and rail mount), suture shelf, work surface cover and side storage bins. Two (2) new 3-inch tray divider sets are now available and an individual drawer lock can be added to any drawer.

Harmony carts now come equipped with 5-inch full- swivel plate casters, reportedly making the cart easier to roll and maneuver on carpeted floors and across elevator thresholds. A directional tracking caster is also standard equipment, keeping the cart rolling straight when being pushed over long distances.

May 2008