Software Enables Real-Time Clinical and Financial Outcomes


October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010 – A new tool makes comprehensive service line data easily and immediately available to those who need it most.

The Apollo LX Analytics Dashboard, by LUMEDX, pulls data from disparate systems and delivers it in dynamic, intuitive formats to help hospitals monitor and improve performance across the registry, clinical, financial, operational and service excellence sectors.

“The Analytics Dashboard represents a great leap forward in outcomes and process improvement for cardiology and vascular service lines,” said LUMEDX Director of Marketing Randy Marc Lasnick. “It pulls detailed, granular information from a wide variety of sources and makes it readily accessible—and comprehensible. Clinical people, administrative staff, IT, anybody on staff with appropriate privileges can use the Apollo LX Analytics Dashboard to find out how their program is performing and drill down to uncover underlying causes. This tool allows cardiovascular centers to track trends, monitor clinical outcomes and keep an eye on financials—all on-demand and in real-time. It’s ‘knowledge on demand’.”

The Analytics Dashboard also enables meaningful use of electronic health records by displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) that help hospitals improve patient care and safety. It also empowers hospitals to improve performance by making critical information visible. Users can set up their dashboards so they see information in ways that make the most sense to them and can drill down into the data just by pointing and clicking.

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