Software, Recorders Help Detect Heart Rhythm Abnormalities


August 30, 2006

The Welch Allyn Holter Systems are software and recorders designed to help caregivers detect abnormalities in a patient's heart rhythm over an extended period of time. The systems improve patient comfort and compliance with their profile and can be configured with the caregivers' choice of both software and recorders, giving access to the electrical activity of a patient's heart, according to the company.

Two different recorders and two software package options are available with the systems. Both reportedly provide data that help streamline workflow in a doctor's office.

Software options reportedly feature fast transfer of recordings, intuitive menus and detailed analytic features that can help make diagnostic decisions easier. In addition, the software comes equipped with capabilities that allow comprehensive editing and more detailed analytics.

Aside from a choice of software options, the systems are designed to be configured with the caregiver's choice of recording system. The Welch Allyn HR-100 recorder features two- or three-channel recording and pacer detection for up to 24 hours in a lightweight package. It can also wirelessly transfer a patient's ECG to the caregiver's software system of choice in real time, which helps verify electrode quality and placement, said Welch Allyn.

The HR-300 recorder reportedly comes equipped with a screen display for real-time ECG preview or test programming and remote initialization.