Sorin Group’s Smallest Implantable Dual-Chamber Pacemaker Now Available in Canada


July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009 – Sorin Group said this week Health Canada cleared the REPLY family of dual- and single-chamber rate adaptive pacemakers.

The REPLY pacemaker is the world’s smallest dual chamber pacemaker at only 8 cc’s with no compromise on longevity, the company said. REPLY integrates Sorin Group’s proprietary SafeR pacing mode, based on the proven AAISafeR pacing mode first introduced to North America in 2005. Designed to titrate ventricular pacing, SafeR switches from AAI to DDD in case of AV block detection, and has been shown to reduce unnecessary pacing in both sinus node disease and unselected AV block patients(1). The CAN-SAVE R trial, currently being conducted in 10 centers across Canada, demonstrated SafeR was able to reduce ventricular pacing to less than 1 percent in the overall population, ranging between zero percent in patients without AV block and 1 percent in patients with AV block(2) (median values).

In addition to SafeR, the REPLY pacemaker delivers enhanced software for advanced, automatic features such as SmartCheck, which lets the user automate follow up tests and provides comprehensive data reporting, analysis and recommendations.

Felix Ayala-Paredes, M.D., chief of electrophysiology services at CHUS-Fleurimont Hospital in Sherbrooke, Quebec, implanted the first REPLY pacemaker in Canada. “Recent device-based therapy guidelines highlight the new standard of care, which is to minimize unnecessary ventricular pacing,” he said. “The REPLY pacemaker was a good choice for this patient. I am confident that the SafeR algorithm will minimize ventricular pacing, and I am especially impressed with the combination of small size and longevity.”

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2. Thibault B. et al. Impact of AV Conduction Disorders on SafeR Mode Performance. PACE 2009; 32: S231-S235.

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