Spacelabs Launches Sentinel Cardiology Information Management System


September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009 – Spacelabs Healthcare today announced the U.S. launch of Sentinel, a sophisticated cardiology information management systems (CIMS), which facilitates analysis and reporting while also improving efficiency and eliminating errors.

Sentinel integrates reports from the entire range of noninvasive diagnostic cardiology modalities: Holter monitoring, ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM), 12-lead resting ECG, and ECG stress testing. It organizes the data and stores both details and recordings in a central, networked database, saving time in searching for records and improving clinician efficiency.

As a fully scalable solution, Sentinel is designed for use either in a single station configuration, such as a physician’s office, or for a large multicentered hospital, the company said. Networkable and compatible with existing 12-lead ECG carts, Sentinel allows clinicians immediate access to the complete information for a given patient, including historic ECG data, which can be viewed at workstations or via the Web from any location through secured software applications. Designed to integrate with existing EMR and hospital information systems, it allows seamless connectivity of patient records from admission through recording, diagnosis, billing and discharge.

Integrating cardiology information management with patient monitoring, Sentinel receives and stores 12-lead ECG reports from Spacelabs Ultraview SL patient monitors as well as from a wide range of resting 12-lead ECG systems. The 12-lead reports can be reviewed and confirmed from any authorized PC client on the hospital network, as well as from the Ultraview SL patient monitors utilizing WinDNA technology.

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