St. John’s Named West Coast Center of Excellence for New Cardiac Technology


December 9, 2008

December 9, 2008 – St. John’s Health Center and Cheetah Medical Inc. announced the health center was designated a Center of Excellence for the new Reliant Hemodynamic Monitoring System, which in addition to other vital parameters, monitors how much blood the heart pumps with each heartbeat.

Clinical studies demonstrated that having this information available, and using it with other inputs to guide treatment, can help to prevent or decrease the incidence and risk of complications from a number of leading health conditions through improved patient management.

“Having these monitors will improve healthcare, especially for individuals determined to be at higher risk of heart and blood pressure complications, including after cardiac surgery, people with heart failure and those with serious infections,” said John Robertson, M.D., director of cardiac surgery at St. John’s Health Center. “It’s really as simple and fast as placing four EKG electrodes on a person’s chest. We are pleased to be the first hospital on the West Coast to make this technology available to the community we serve.”

The noninvasive Reliant Monitor provides physicians and nurses with continuous cardiac output and other clinical information previously only available by inserting a catheter through the veins and into the patient’s heart. Such catheter insertions have been associated with additional costs and potential complications that can affect patient outcome and prolong the length of stay in the hospital, for which there is no additional reimbursement.

The Reliant Monitor uses BIOREACTANCE technology, a proprietary method of computer processing to accurately calculate the flow of blood through the heart using only four skin surface electrodes. With this information, physicians can determine whether the amount of blood being pumped through the body is at optimal levels to maintain adequate blood pressure and deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues, depending on the individual patient’s needs.

St. John’s purchased six Reliant Monitors units through gifts made to the St. John’s Health Foundation.

St. John’s Health Center serves the areas of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles and ocean communities.

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