Successful CoreValve Implants Represent Medical Milestones


November 13, 2006

CoreValve’s patented ReValving System, consisting of an 18-French delivery catheter, was used to percutaneously implant its proprietary porcine pericardial tissue bioprostheses over the severely calcified aortic heart valves of an 88-year-old female patient and a 77-year-old male patient—without the use of extracorporeal bypass, other cardiac assistance or rapid pacing.

The successful procedures were performed at the HELIOS Heart Center (HHC), Siegburg, Germany, by Eberhard Grube, M.D., Chief of Cardiology and Angiology at HHC and a consulting professor of medicine at Stanford University. The first-ever milestone procedures took routine interventional times to complete, and the patients were released from the ICU within hours of the completion of the ReValving procedure and are awaiting discharge from the hospital.

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