Surgeons Demo Robotic Coronary Revascularization, Mitral Valve Repair


January 23, 2008

January 22, 3008 - Cardica Inc. and Intuitive Surgical Inc. will host an evening symposium, demonstrating how surgeons can automate the attachment of blood vessel grafts during coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedures, replacing traditional hand-sewn sutures.

The symposium, �Advanced Techniques and Technologies in Robotic Coronary Revascularization and Mitral Valve Repair,� will feature Intuitive�s da Vinci Surgical System and Cardica�s C-Port Distal Anastomosis Systems. The educational event will take place on Sunday, January 27, from 7 to 9 p.m. (EST), at the Renaissance Hotel Grand Ballroom in Fort Lauderdale, FL, during the 44th Annual Meeting of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS).

�This symposium offers cardiothoracic surgeons an opportunity to learn from their peers who are leading the adoption of beating heart robotic CABG surgery and the establishment of robotic mitral valve surgery as standard of care,� said Louis A. Brunsting, III, M.D., cardiothoracic surgeon for Centennial Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. �The Cardica C-Port systems and da Vinci Surgical System�may facilitate a more widespread adoption of completely closed-chest, robotic-assisted coronary artery bypass grafting.�

During the symposium, five cardiac surgeons will present topics, including: Husam Balkhy, M.D., of The Wisconsin Heart Hospital; Daniel Bethencourt, M.D., of Long Beach Memorial Medical Center; Louis A. Brunsting, III, M.D., of Centennial Medical Center; Douglas A. Murphy, M.D., of Saint Joseph's Hospital; J. Michael Smith, M.D., of Good Samaritan Hospital.

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