Surgical Patient Status Monitoring Offered by Res-Q


April 9, 2008

RES-Q Healthcare Systems demonstrated its Patient Waiting Room View at AONE 2008. Similar to airline flight displays at airports, it shows an abbreviated patient identifier (first two letters of the last name and first name initial), the surgeon’s name, the procedure, surgery start and completion times and current status (patient in OR, surgery in process, patient in recovery).

The Physician Lounge View reportedly displays additional detail, such as the scheduled operating room number and the name of the anesthesiologist. Surgeons can see if their patients have entered the hospital, completed check-in and are prepped for surgery. In addition, a special notification option associated to the Physician Lounge View can send the case status information to surgeons via voice or text messages.

RES-Q Perioperative Resource Management (PRM) assesses and confirms surgeons’ procedure-specific preferences, staff and equipment requirements, supply lists and inventory and operating room availability and then sets surgery. Released in January 2008, Patient Status Monitoring uses data captured in RES-Q PRM to automatically generate, update and graphically display the status of surgery cases in real time.

April 2008