TCT Late Breaking Trials Announced

Groundbreaking clinical trials include latest data in interventional cardiology


October 1, 2013

Oct. 1, 2013 – The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) announced the late breaking trials and first report investigations that will be presented at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) 2013 scientific symposium in late October. TCT, the world’s premier educational meeting specializing in interventional cardiovascular medicine, will take place Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2013 at The Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif.          

Clinical trial data and first report investigations presented at TCT often direct the course of patient therapies. The studies selected will shed new light on the effectiveness and safety of minimally invasive techniques, pharmaceuticals, technologies and devices that show potential to treat or prevent cardiovascular disease, one of the leading causes of death globally.

Late-breaking clinical trials and first report investigations will be presented in the Main Arena and highlighted during press conferences scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 29; Wednesday, Oct. 30; and Thursday, Oct. 31.

This year, TCT will also mark 25 years of innovation with a day-long look back at the significant contributions that interventional cardiology has made to patients with cardiovascular disease, as well as an inspiring look ahead at new therapies being developed for the not too distant future.

TUESDAY OCT. 29, 2013

Late Breaking Trials

  • SAFE-PCI: A Prospective, Registry-Based Randomized Trial of Radial Versus Femoral Vascular Access in Women Undergoing Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization and PCI
  • COREVALVE EXTREME RISK: A Prospective Registry Study of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement with a Self-Expanding Transcatheter Heart Valve in Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis
  • SORT-OUT VI: A Prospective, Randomized “All-Comers” Trial of Biodegradable Polymer-Coated Biolimus-Eluting Stents Versus Biocompatible Polymer-Coated Zotarolimus-Eluting Coronary Stents


WEDNESDAY, OCT. 30, 2013
Late Breaking Trials

  • EUROMAX: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Ambulance Initiation of Bivalirudin Versus Heparin ± Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Inhibitors in Patients with STEMI Undergoing Primary PCI
  • NORDIC-BALTIC BIFURCATION IV: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of a Two-Stent Strategy Versus a Provisional Stent Strategy in True Coronary Bifurcation Lesions
  • TRYTON: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of a Dedicated Sidebranch Stent Versus a Provisional Stent Strategy in True Coronary Bifurcation Lesions


First Report Investigations

  • LEVANT 2: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of a Paclitaxel Coated Balloon Versus Standard Balloon Angioplasty in Diseased Femoropopliteal Arteries
  • RIBS V: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Paclitaxel Coated Balloon Angioplasty Versus Everolimus-Eluting Stents in Bare Metal In-Stent Restenosis
  • SMART-CASE: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Conservative Revascularization Versus Aggressive Revascularization in Patients with Intermediate Lesions Undergoing PCI with Angiographic Guidance Alone
  • HeartFlowNXT: A Prospective, Registry Evaluation of Noninvasive FFRCT Versus Invasive FFR
  • ADVISE II: A Prospective, Registry Evaluation of iFR Versus FFR
  • CHILL-MI: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Therapeutic Hypothermia in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Undergoing Primary PCI


THURSDAY, OCT. 31, 2013

Late Breaking Trials

  • OPTIMIZE: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of 3 Months Versus 12 Months of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After PCI
  • ARCTIC-INTERRUPTION: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of 2 Years Versus 1 Year of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy After PCI
  • DUTCH PEERS (TWENTE II): A Prospective, Randomized “All-Comers” Trial of Zotarolimus-Eluting Stents Versus Everolimus-Eluting Coronary Stents


First Report Investigations

  • REPRISE II: A Prospective Registry Study of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement with a Repositionable Transcatheter Heart Valve in Patients with Severe Aortic Stenosis
  • FREEDOM: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of First Generation DES Versus CABG in Insulin and Non-Insulin Treated Diabetic Patients
  • HYBRID: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Hybrid Coronary Revascularization Versus Standard Surgical Revascularization in Multivessel Disease
  • TRANSLATE-POPS: A Prospective, Cluster-Randomized Trial of Routine Platelet Function Testing in Patients Undergoing PCI
  • GIANT: A Prospective Registry Study of CYP2C19 Genetic Profiling for Thienopyridine Management After Primary PCI in Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • TATORT-NSTEMI: A Prospective, Randomized Trial of Thrombus Aspiration in Thrombus Containing Culprit Lesions in Non-ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction


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